Gokube Updated Operating Area

Please see the operating area (It’s the lighter color block in the map), and zoom in and zoom out to check details. Now you can rent and return around MRT Xiziwan, Yanchengpu, Formosa Boulevard, Central park, Sanduo Shopping District, Shihjia, Kaisyuan Station and the Pier-2 Art Center, Shinkuchan, MLD and Dream Mall. You can ride the bike outside the operating area, but you will need to ride inside the area for the return. If you ride outside the area and can’t return it (due to no electricity or others), we will charge you vehicle dispatching fees*.

*The vehicle dispatching fee means that if the user returns the bike outside our current operating area, the user will need to pay the service processing fees from 300 NTD. Besides, if there’s any damage to the bike, the user will have to pay the vehicle repairing fees. (The vehicle dispatching fee is from 300NTD to 2000NTD, depending on the distance.)

Release Date: 2019/05/29

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