We Have Doubled Our Fleet Size!

Gokube has more than 20000 members in 6 months ever since we started operating in Kaohsiung. Thanks to the support of Kaohsiung City Government, Gokube is adding more bikes to our family and will be the electric bike sharing company that has the most intensive bike coverage in Taiwan.

In September 2019, the total amount of the bikes will reach 400. Some of the bikes will be placed in the original operating areas, which will make the density of 28 bikes/ sq. km, and will become the No. 1 electric bike sharing company that has the most intensive bike coverage. The other bikes will be placed in the new-added North Kaohsiung areas. 

As we doubled our fleet size and expand our operating areas, we also updated the app and added more features to the app. 

■  Search Bikes

 Where Are You Going 

Enter a destination address to check the estimated fares and promotion areas. 

 Find Bikes Nearby 

You can now see the bikes within 1 sq. km. But the reservation time is still within 10 minutes. 

■  Promotion Areas

We added some popping promotions areas. It won’t be at a specific places at specific time. Our backend AI will determine which areas are in high demand and encourage the users to ride to that areas. 

■  Push Notification

You will receive push notifications after successfully ending trips. Also, when there are important promotions or operation related issues, we will send the notifications to all users too. 

■  Renting Problems

If you encounter problems during renting, don’t worry. If you don’t move the bikes, it will be free if you rent and return it in 5 minutes. 

Thanks for all your support! Gokube will continue adding more electric bikes in our fleet and expand the operating zones in Kaohsiung. 

Release Date: 2019/09/12

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