e-Bike Sharing System Launched in Kaohsiung

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Gokube – e-Bike Sharing in Kaohsiung

Eco-friendly mobility and sustainable transportation have always been a central issue for Kaohsiung, the second largest city in Taiwan.

To support Kaohsiung City’s government’s goal to increase green transport infrastructure and reduce air pollution, Gokube, a Taiwan based start-up company, has launched its E-bike sharing system in the Kaoshiung city center since February 2019.

Gokube Bike: Rent and Return anytime

Gokube is leading a change

Kaohsiung has been plagued by severe air pollution for years. Gokube intends to help tackle the challenge by revolutionizing urban mobility with innovations in green and IoT technology.

Download the app to find the nearest bike

How Gokube works?

Gokube is an E-bike sharing system. Users can download the app from either the Apple App Store or Google Play, then register with an account using LINE, GMail, Facebook or any E-mail address. Once in the app, the user can enter a destination to begin searching for the nearest E-bike and get an estimate for the time and fare for their trip.

Join Gokube on the eco-mobility ride!

A More Sustainable Future for Kaohsiung

It’s pretty much a universal consensus that we should adopt green solutions in every aspect to achieve a more sustainable future. Reducing traffic emissions, automobile dependency and increasing people’s interest in clean energy alternatives are the number one priority. Join Gokube’s electric bike sharing journey and reimagine your moving in the big city!

Release Date: 2019/05/27

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